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Pyrite or as some calls it “fools gold” ,physiologically known to relieve anxiety and frustration and boosts self worth and confidence.. Its a very positive stone, blocks off any harmful energies blocking your shine, and also from others. Brings abundance to the wearer, also stimulating the flow of creative ideas. Cubic pyrite in particular expands and structures metal capabilities, balancing instinct with intuition, creativity and analysis.


Each stone is irregular in shape which affect the look of each ring, but is created to look  closest like the one in the picture. 


All Pieces are made from high quality wires. These are not costume jewelry that will chip away or rust over time. My pieces will last  forever with good care. <3 


14/20k  Gold filled wires were used to create this beauty. 


Cleanse with Sage and created with the intention that this beauty reaches the souls that would benefit from it the most <3 



~xoxo ~

Statement Pyrite Ring

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