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About Elementalvybe 

Elementalvybe creates handcrafted one of a kind jewelry using healing crystals. As we know crystals are known to transmit and repel energy, therefore the original designs are created not only to wear as fashion accessories, but as spiritual tools.It is the perfect way to keep your gems and the intended energies they carry on you at all times. My goal is to connect mother nature's natural gifts to us and combine them with art. Each piece is created with the intention that it will find the person who can benefit from it the most. I believe that art & crystals are shaped by the energy that is put into creating it therefore, all pieces are made with love and care. As someone who has been on a long and rewarding journey of self-healing and self-development, I believe that crystals are a very effective tool that we can use to aid us in our spiritual, emotional & physical development.

Elementalvybe also offers henna/jagua gel body art. Both dyes are free from any toxic preservatives. 100% organic! Henna has been around for centuries; it has been used by so many different cultures as a form of beauty and also known to be very therapeutic. Jagua gel is a fruit that was used by many tribes in Peru and certain parts of the amazon forest as part of their sacred markings, which gives off a beautiful blue black stain.

Elementalvybe thrives in bringing love, peace, self empowerment & happiness through all forms of art presented..



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